BS Security Breda has stood for professional and made-to-measure security systems for more than 25 years

The security systems of a house, jewelers or laboratory all require specific and different approaches. Our experts know all the ins and outs and will, together with your input, come up with the optimal solution for your situation. Complete with BORG certification, if required. We use the most up-to-date techniques that allow you to monitor your installation from anywhere in the world.

Being connected to a private alarm centre guarantees 24/7 alarm follow-ups. BS Security offers maintenance contracts for all of your security systems. This means annual maintenance to make sure things are working well, as well as potential changes to the system in order to ensure continuing reliability and adherence to industry standards. It goes without saying that we are available 24/7 for questions, to fix outages and to attend to emergencies.

BS Security Breda is a specialized company in burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, camera surveillance and access control. We are situated in Breda and operate throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

We are a Kiwa/Ncp recognized security company.


Administration: Breda Haagse Beemden

Warehouse: Charles Petitweg Breda

BORG Certified

BS Security is a BORG certified company, which means that we are constantly working on the quality and improvement of our products. We only supply products that meet all industry standards.


BS Security Breda.


Borg Certified.